Knowing when to support and when to give a little cheek, embodying not only the feminine physique, but her seductive mind-set too. A free spirit, Eurvin is endlessly seeking adventure.

With each new swimwear collection comes an evolved, refined aesthetic: some things will never change, like the finest fabrics. Some things will, like style and international influence, and the search for new inspiration.

The Eurvin girl knows she’s something, without thinking she’s everything. She is inspired and inspirational, she is the girl everyone wants to be, or be with. Comfortable in her body, she shows just the right amount of skin, and always enough cheek.





Road to Bohemia was born from a desire to travel freely and roam fearlessly. Chasing epic sunsets and exploring the beautiful beaches of the world with a wanderlust heart and a free spirit.

Along the way we’re crafting and curating items to serve the modern day nomad. Things that let you keep your wanderlust alive, wherever you are.

As we continue our travels we promise to bring you the most inspiring items from around the world. Stay tuned.

The journey has just begun.